International Medieval Congress, Leeds, England (July 11-14, 2005)

Session 703: Talking about Textiles

  • The Ambiguous Vocabulary of Textile Decoration: Obscuring the Artisan's Hand. Sarah-Grace Heller, Ohio State University, Columbus (USA)
  • Textile Terms and Cultural Codes in Medieval Latin Sources: Vitta and Velum. Olga Magoula, University of Birmingham (UK)
  • Controlled Vocabularies in the Research Process and Indexing. Miranda Haddock, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo (USA)

Session 804: Transforming Textiles

  • From Bills to Wills: The Life of a Gown in Tudor England. Drea Leed, Springfield, OH (USA)
  • Scarlet to Blue to Black: Changing Tastes in Medieval Europe (14th-16th Centuries). John H. A. Munro, University of Toronto (CANADA)
  • Crimson, Purple, and Blue: The Prestigious Colours of Medieval Europe. John Edmonds, Amersham (UK)