Medieval Clothing and Textiles 4

Edited by Robin Netherton
Edited by Gale R. Owen-Crocker
Published: 17 Jul 2008
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1 From Flax to Linen in the Medieval Rus Lands
2 "Melius Abundare Quam Deficere": Scarlet Clothing in Laxdaela Saga and Njals Saga
3 The Wandering Wimple
4 From Head to Hand to Arm: The Lexicological History of "Cuff"
5 Visual Textiles: A Study of Appearance and Visual Impression in Archaeologi cal Textiles
6 The Cap of St. Birgitta
7 The View from Herjolfsnes: Greenland's Translation of the European Fitted Fashion
8 The Art of the Exotic: Robinet Testard's Turbans and Turban-like Coiffure
9 "The Same Counterpoincte Beinge Olde and Worene": The Mystery of Henry VIII 's Green Quilt
10 Recent Books of Interest
11 Contents of Previous Volumes
12 Index