Medieval Clothing and Textiles 2

Edited by Robin Netherton
Edited by Gale R. Owen-Crocker
Published: 20 Apr 2006
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1 Dress and Accessories in the Early Irish Tale "The Wooing of Becfhola"
2 The Embroidered Word: Text in the Bayeux Tapestry
3 "De Fil d'Or et de Soie": Making Textiles in Twelfth-Century French Romances
4 Biffes, Tiretaines, and Aumonières: The Role of Paris in the International Textile Markets of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth CenturiesFourteenth Centuries
5 "Clothing Themselves in Acres": Apparel and Impoverishment in Medieval and Early Modern England
6 "Ye Shall Have It Clene": Textile Cleaning Techniques in Renaissance Europe
7 Fleas, Fur, and Fashion: Zibellini as Luxury Accessories of the Renaissance
8 The Matron Goes to the Masque: The Dual Identity of the English Embroidered Jacket