International Congress on Medieval Studies,Kalamazoo, Michigan (May 13-16, 2010)

    Session 81: Dress and Textiles I: Real and Imagined

    • A Clever One-Liner: Evidence for an Alternate Set-Up of the Warp-Weighted Loom
      Christina Petty, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo (USA)
    • Problems of Byzantine "Fashions," Vrai and Faux: Finery and Its Imitations at the Imperial Court and Beyond
      Sarah-Grace Heller, Ohio State University, Columbus (USA)
    • Costume in the Medieval Welsh Romances
      Heather Rose Jones, Oakland, CA (USA)
    • Do the Clothes Make the (Wo)man? Warfare, Amazonian Women, Gender, and Appearance in Real Life and Literature
      Colleen Slater, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY (USA)

    Session 136: Dress and Textiles II: Imagined and Re-imagined

    • Recycle, Reduce, Reuse: Imagined and Re-imagined Textiles in Anglo-Saxon England
      Maren Clegg Hyer, Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA (USA)
    • Men in Silk: The Knighting of Saladin in the Old French "Ordene de chevalerie"
      E. Jane Burns, University of North Carolina.Chapel Hill (USA)
    • Iron Maiden: The Re-classification of the Metal "Corset"
      Emma Elizabeth Lehman, University of Nebraska.Lincoln (USA)
    • Deconstructing and Reconstructing Sixteenth-Century Clothing in Film
      Melanie Schuessler, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti (USA)

    Session 448: Dress and Textiles III: Researching the Lexis of Cloth and Clothing ca. 700.1450 [Co-sponsored with The Lexis of Cloth and Clothing Project]

    • Third Floor: Socks, Frocks, Crocs, and Knives: "Furnishing" as a Category in a Class Glossary
      Stuart Nels Rutten, University of Manchester (UK)
    • Units of Measure for Cloth in Late Medieval Britain
      Mark Chambers, University of Westminster (UK)
    • Mining for Gold: Investigating Multilingualism in the Lexis of Cloth and Clothing
      Louise Sylvester, University of Westminster (UK)

    Session 498: Dress and Textiles IV: Illustrating the Lexis of Cloth and Clothing Project Database [Co-sponsored with The Lexis of Cloth and Clothing Project]

    • Depiction and Description: Dress across Media Boundaries
      Cordelia Warr, University of Manchester (UK)
    • Showing Status on Funeral Monuments
      Pam Walker, University of Manchester (UK)
    • Grand Designs, Grand Behinds: Description and Uses of Cushions and Pillows in Anglo-Saxon and Early Medieval England
      Linda Sever, University of Manchester (UK)